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Scouting Packages

Our service goal is simple- To provide an honest and affordable option to all interested Arizona hunters that will help them harvest the biggest trophy possible.

Ask 95% of successful Do-It-Yourself Arizona hunters what led them to success and they would say…..scouting. If you don’t scout you are relying on luck, and luck is scarce on Arizona’s vast public land. Our Scouting Packages are designed to maximize the potential of the Do-It-Yourself Arizona hunter. These packages will contain all the information that you will need to arrive and start your hunt immediately on a big mature animal. This is how they work…

Over the course of our summer and fall scouting we find a surplus number of great mature bucks and bulls. We strive to get photographs and video of as many of the best as we possibly can. A good portion of these animals have been known to us for multiple years and we refind them in the same general areas from year to year. Each season there are several of these animals that have reached their prime and this makes them ideal to harvest. We will supply you with all of our photos/video of specific bucks or bulls, a custom 1:24,000 topo map of their specific area, and all the information and advice we can come up with for a strategy to harvest them. This will include exact details on your map of glassing locations, access routes, water sources, feeding and bedding areas, nearby rutting areas and likely areas to look if they receive pressure from other hunters. We will also include all the information and characteristics we acquire on these particular animals habits. This information would take numerous trips as well as weeks or even months to acquire on your own. We are aware that few people have the amount of free time available to devote to a scouting regimen that will lead to these top end animals. Let our scouting service help you achieve monster success on your Arizona trophy tag. The cost for this service is $1500 per hunter and is available for both the Archery and Rifle seasons. This is basically what aggressive scouting expenses would be for two trips.

We also offer a Drop Camp option that includes the entire Scouting Package listed above as well a one clean wall tent with a carpeted floor, up to two oversize cots, a table, and a lantern with extra propane for up to 10 full hunting days. During the cold season hunts we will also supply a wood stove and a large stack of split firewood. You supply your own groceries and cooking supplies. We will have the camp set up in a handy location, relative to your hunting area, prior to your arrival. The cost of this Drop Camp is an additional $1000 above the Scouting Package fee.

Most of you have waited for a decade or longer to hunt Arizona. Don’t gamble your success on hopes to get lucky. Let our aggressive scouting routine go to work for you. These scouting packages are severely limited in number so if this is something that you are interested in then please give us a call and we can discuss what options are right for you.

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