Dream Big Mule Deer

Mule Deer Hunts

Our mission for mule deer hunters is to provide only the very best opportunity for discriminating tag holders. There are many other reputable guide services to choose from in Arizona, many are our good friends. We differ because we have developed an aggressive scouting program that sets our clients up for huge consistent success on the biggest bucks in the unit you have drawn. We will never pressure you to harvest anything besides what we feel is the biggest deer available on your hunt. We do not want to kill average bucks any more than you do. Arizona tags are rare opportunities and we take them very seriously. We know our number of man days afield while scouting though out the year is unmatched by anyone and this huge dedication of time is the key to our success. It is normal for us to accumulate well over 120 man days of deer scouting before the hunts even start. The point is that you will not find a more honest, hardworking, and skilled group of men operating in Arizona today. We refuse to be outworked by anyone; we just won’t let it happen. We have grown our small group of professional hunters very slowly and over several years. We will never hire a weekend warrior guide or sub your hunt out to just get you booked and take your money, ever. We take pride in being the best and strive to harvest only the very top end bucks available on any given year. Ask anyone on our extensive reference list of past hunters and they will tell you that, come rain or shine, our entire crew will kill themselves to help you harvest the buck of your dreams.

Premium Arizona Strip/Kaibab

Our premium deer hunts exist for one purpose only, to help you harvest the very biggest buck you can on Arizona’s Strip or Kaibab units. Over the course of our guiding career we have harvested 65+ bucks that gross score over 200” inches. This includes 34+ bucks over 215” , 17 over 230″ , 6 over 250” including  270” gross and 289” gross mega-giants. This success is with both rifle and archery equipment. We have set ourselves apart as THE top producing Arizona outfitter when it comes to big bucks and our harvest record far surpasses any other outfitters available in Arizona. Each of our guides is an integral part of this operation and harvest record. The dedication, passion, and tireless effort they put forth each and every day is the reason we consistently harvest the biggest bucks in the state. Each guide is an exclusive partner in A3 Trophy Hunts and we are very proud to have them in our operation.
All of our mule deer hunts are booked one-on-one unless otherwise customized. We will be hunting for specific pre-scouted bucks that we have chosen as the biggest available in your unit that year. We have an extensive library of live bucks that we follow annually and options are many when deciding which bucks to pursue. We know every square inch of Arizona’s premier units and scout them in their entirety each summer and fall. Our scouting program is proven and our arsenal contains every tool possible, yet we still find new ways each year to step up our game. We do not simply hunt the same old spots year after year and hope to get lucky.

General Rifle and OTC Archery Mule Deer

If you do not want to wait the several required years to hunt Arizona’s top units then there is another option for you. There are many units in central and southern Arizona that hold good bucks and can be drawn with minimal or no bonus points. Arizona also offers an over-the-counter archery tag that is open nearly state wide that can be bought and filled every year while you build your bonus points for the premier units. All of these hunts offer the tag holder a great and legitimate chance to hunt and harvest a fantastic buck without waiting a decade or more. Over the course of our scouting season we find several great bucks that can be hunted without waiting years and years. Call for more details and application strategy.
Let our years of knowledge, dedication, and experience go to work for you when you finally beat the odds and draw your Arizona mule deer hunt. Please give us a call to discuss any option that you have in mind.

Auction/Governor’s Tags

We have scouted/guided the statewide auction tag for mule deer a total of 10 times resulting in some of the biggest deer ever harvested in Arizona. This included bucks over 285” and 40 inches wide. This tag is for serious hunters interested in the best mule deer hunt available in the world today. Our program for these tags is unmatched and unrivaled. Call for all details.


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