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Public Land

Experienced veteran guides for A3 Trophy Hunts have been born and raised in the heart of Arizona’s top elk units and their knowledge of elk in these areas is second to none. Our guides hunt statewide in Arizona and scout relentlessly to harvest the best bulls in any unit in the state. Each year, we apply our successful scouting and hunting techniques in our public land scouting program in preparation for the upcoming season. Throughout our scouting process, the A3 guides work to learn and locate the top bulls each year and plan specific hunting strategies to successfully harvest these special bulls. We do not just hit the old honey holes and hope for the best. This attention to pre-scouting has allowed us to book the statewide auction hunters for elk each year—as we leave no stone unturned in our annual search for giant bulls every elk season!

Public land elk hunting can be very competitive. Our years of guiding experience combined with our aggressive scouting practices, assures our clients that they will be in the best position possible on opening morning. Our dominance in our year-round scouting techniques carries over into our hunting tactics. Our record has proven our clients harvest more big bulls each year than any of our competitors. In just the last five years, our clients have harvested 23 bulls over 380” with 12 of those over 400”!

A3 Trophy Hunts guide service takes pride in keeping our clients in the know, from the time they book up until their hunt starts. Our communication to our clients includes regular scouting updates, both video and trail camera pictures, as well as our assessment of range conditions and how they might impact your hunt. By the time you show up to hunt, you will have a great idea on the caliber of animal you will be hunting. Our guides have grown up in these units and have hunted them since childhood. They are unbelievable guides and even better guys. They all possess integrity and honor their word. Our scouting program is longer and more thorough than any other outfitters available in Arizona—guaranteed. We truly do treat every hunt as if it was our own tag. We study the patterns of the elk herds during the summer, including rut and post rut time periods. This knowledge is invaluable to the success for each different season offered in Arizona. Whether you are holding a premium early tag or a late bull tag, let our experience work to your advantage. A3 will help you achieve your hunting dreams!

Private Land

We have some of the best exclusive private land elk hunting opportunities available in Arizona. A3 has hunting access to a private elk ranch covering 65,000 acres and is equally divided between Units 9 and 10 with each side over 30,000 acres. Each season, we book only 2 archery elk hunts and 1 early rut rifle/muzzleloader elk hunts in each unit. We only book archery hunters for the first week of the season. This limits bull harvest and leaves the second week available if our hunters need extra hunting days. It receives a huge influx of public ground elk once the hunting pressure ramps up and the cows have been conditioned over time to filter into this sanctuary leading up to the rut. The side of the ranch in Unit 9 is the only private land hunt available in the entire unit and huge bulls reside there year after year.

Our second ranch we have exclusive right to is 16,000+ acres and is a gem. It is an unreal rut ground and some of the most intense rutting scenarios we have ever experienced have taken place on this ranch. We only book 2 hunters at a time on this ranch. This land receives large elk numbers from the surrounding public land, allowing a high elk density and intense rut experience.

These ranches have produced bulls up to 414″ for us in past seasons with many over 380”. These areas are big bull sanctuaries as well as traditional rutting ground for hundreds of elk each year. We hunt our bulls in a quiet and low impact manner and keep them on our ranches. We target only the most mature and high scoring bulls each year and allow the younger bulls to grow and replenish the herd. The genetics are second to none–huge, high scoring, heavy frames are the norm, not the exception.

Accommodations and References

Our camps our a very comfortable hunting experience complete with a full-time cook that will stretch your belt line with home-cooked meals, hot showers on request, and clean and private sleeping quarters for each hunter. On some hunts, a nearby motel can also be utilized, if preferred.

References from both our public and private land hunts from prior hunting seasons for the past 10 years are only a phone call or email away. Our past clients will tell the real story of what a hunt with us is truly like. Just ask and you will receive recent references from clients that hunted these exact hunts from the past few years. Check out our photo gallery to see what kind of results serious scouting can produce. You will find that the results are unmatched.

These elk hunts, both public and private, book up very fast every year. If you are interested in hunting them, call us today and we will gladly answer any question or concern you may have.

Auction/Governor’s Tags

The Arizona auction tags for elk are the finest elk hunts available in the world today. We specialize in these tags and have been fortunate to harvest multiple bulls over 430”, including a 450+” giant that is the largest bull ever taken in AZ with this special tag. These tags are for the most serious hunters wanting the best trophy hunt that is available. Two tags are auctioned every year. Packages for these hunts are custom to the client’s needs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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